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  Oréll Attendance Tracker (OAT)

eagle-eyed timekeeper

OAT is an ingeniously smart and 100% failsafe attendance tracking single point interface, which not only keeps an eagle's-eye on the number present and leave minutiae of every enrolled scholar but also that of staff, management and faculty on the institution's rolls. Percentage of presence calculations and the generation of relevant reports are fully automated, occurring in seamless conjunction with the in-house portal. Fully compatible with badge or security biometric collection devices, OAT also offers predetermined periodic self-checking of individual attendance records and e-alerts to parent/guardian aides keeps them up-to-date on ward regularity.

OAT at a glance:  
  • Student attendance
  • Employee turnout
  • Easy attendance student
  • Staff leave application & approval
  • Staff day end process
  • Academic calendar
  • Exam module compatibility
  • Holiday scheduling
  • Customized reports & graphical representations
  • Integration of smart card or biometric system
  • Alerts
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