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  English Cafe

English Café is a meticulously crafted full-service learning software suite that not only hones your communicative mastery of the English language but also evaluates your reading and listening skills while scoring your vocabulary and grammar comprehension and delivering instant scores that help you better proficiency.

A quality product from Oréll, the well-established provider of an array of comprehensive software solutions for institutions of learning, English Café offers you the flexibility to take/assign your lessons through the intranet as well as online from any location worldwide.

Embedded with over 2000 interactive lessons in text, audio and video formats that makes the learning process enjoyable and fun for the learner, English Café also boasts instructor-friendly features such as student-wise graphical representation of performance, generates attendance, grading and ranking reports while offering a choice of questions graded in levels.

English Café is the culmination of extensive research by renowned English faculties working in close association with our software team -- a painstakingly formulated visionary masterpiece specially designed to offer a value-add to our customers of ODLL (Oréll Digital Language Lab). Despite this, the English Café is a standalone solution that is universally adaptable to integrate seamlessly with language learning laboratories of any brand.

It not only offers lessons that get progressively tougher but also proffers instructors the option to customize/add even more, should the need arise. This coupled with its instant grading feedback feature, flexibility of operation and its ability to ensure that the instructor and the learner work together in perfect sync as they would from a private tuition setting at all times makes English Café an outstanding innovation from Oréll.

English Café utilizes the power of intelligent knowledge management - rich materials and flexible tools -- to carefully create, collect and distribute content matching global standards, on demand and contextually, to learners effectively. Boasting a vast and in-depth database of content appropriate for various levels of learning it permits the admin/instructor to add/customize and grade it according to specific requirements.
Over 2000 interactive lessons
Supports lessons in text/audio/video formats
Easy customization of lessons and levels by instructor/Admin
Instant scoring
Choice of questions
Modules for grammar and vocabulary
  General Features

English Café offers a host of value-additions to both the instructor and students that encourages implementation of effective teaching methodologies in tandem with interactive learning, which makes the process enjoyable and quick.

Offline and web-enabled options
Flexibility and easy of use
Graphical representation of student performances
Generate comprehensive reports
Track attendances
Evaluate student ranking
  Modular Features
English Café primarily consists of an instructor module and student modules. It offers three modes of logging in with password protection. The administrator shares the instructor module. The instructor and student modes are user modes while the admin mode is privileged with unlimited access.
  Admin mode

The admin mode has unsurpassed access overriding those of the user modes of the instructor and students. This is assigned for uniformity of assignment and ease of monitoring/administration.

Add instructor
Add class/students
Categorizing of lessons
Set lesson levels
  Instructor module
This module primarily offers the privileges of assigning work to the class/students and monitors assignment progress while keeping a track of student attendances and performance.
Create exercise/test
Assign preset lesson pattern / level
Customize questions
Schedule classroom activity
View results
Monitor attendance
Get graphical representation of student performance
  Student module:

This module limits accessibility to submission of assignments and receiving scores instantly.

Submit assignments
Receive instant scores
Submit a test
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