We at Oréll offer end-to-end web-enabled solutions and IT consultancy services that enable businesses to enjoy better ROI from an effective online presence.

  Offshore Software Development Consultancy
We are an Indian software consultant company known for our authoritative capability in offering result-oriented solutions across the globe. While our base in India helps us to deliver cost-efficient service, our longstanding industry experience equips us with requisite technical and business understanding to ensure quality solution.
  eBusiness Consultancy

From web design, web application development to internet marketing - the range of our web consultancy solutions includes everything that touches to the medium of internet. We are here to offer you solutions and services that are designed to meet your exact need and pocket. If it's about setting up of an electronic purchasing platform, supply chain management interface, electronic order processing system, or integrating third-party security interface - for right consultancy and to help you attain your goals faster we are here.

  IT Outsourcing Consulting

Oréll is a premiere Indian IT outsourcing consultant that offers solutions for every online need. Our solutions are developed while keeping a focus of the result and designed to enable you to harness maximum of the Internet, contact-centers and other such sources to generate better ROI.

  IT Consultancy Services

Information Technology is an essential part of every company irrespective of its operation and nature of its business. The advent of Internet technology has revolutionized the web market by helping companies to converge their business initiatives with new technological approaches. To get success on the Internet marketplace, companies need to do proper planning, conceptualization and an effective selection of exact strategies. In addition, a website must be developed that reflects and states the business ideas and vision clearly. Hence, an internet marketing strategy should be well-managed, strategic and gives result-oriented outcome. 
Our result-oriented internet strategy and consultancy services include, support and solutions for:

  • Interactive Web Design
  • Web Development
  • Technology Consulting Services 
  • Effective Internet Marketing
  Other Consultancy Services offered by Oréll
Product Development 

Product development is an end-to-end solution, the overall process of planning, organization, concept generation, development, marketing plan creation, and commercialization of either a new software product, modification of an existing software product or simply software maintenance. Successful product development requires a great deal of domains as well as architecture and expertise and for companies with core areas of operation other than software development it means redirection of funds.

Outsourcing of product development is the only solution to this problem. Today, almost all companies are emphasizing on outsourcing their product development projects so that they can limit their internal capabilities and focus only on success because that is the only way they can survive in a highly competitive industry.

IT Strategy Formulation

Strategy formulation is the process of determining an appropriate course or courses of action for achieving some predetermined objectives. In other words, it is a dynamic process of continuously assessing the desired vision, the current situation, and plotting the next plan of action. A strategy formulated should lead to the fulfillment of an organization’s mission, and result in achieving the organizational objectives. This requires a solid understanding of not only the organization but the industry as well.

For high aspiring organizations it is important that some form of strategic planning and formulation are routinely performed, but this requires suitable expertise. The pressure of competition is so immense in the current industrial scenario that organizations have to work with minimal resources and work force.

Product Management

As technology is racing ahead, it is becoming apparent to product development companies that support and maintenance is a critical activity for any product. This includes version upgrading, customization, code continuance, enhancement and other changes, which has to be made quickly and effectively while maintaining the quality of the product.

Oréll understand the necessity of skillful management of product throughout its lifecycle and that forms the basis of our product management consultancy. This methodology is ideal for the software product companies whose main focus is sales and marketing. As a part of this, we plan and help our clients manage and maintain the daily increasing needs to be competitive in the market.

Internet Marketing Consultancy

Internet marketing is a specialized process that combines both creative and technical aspects of the Internet and used by an organization to promote, advertise, sell, or distribute products or services in the market. Internet marketing is an effective process that helps in the placement of media in different stages of customer-company relationship by effective search engine marketing (SEM), search engine optimization (SEO), e-mail marketing, banner ads and Web 2.0 strategies.

Product Testing

Product testing is the process used to identify the correctness, totality, security, and quality of a developed product, be it software, a website, or anything within the realms of IT. Testing can never completely establish the correctness of arbitrary computer software and in the theory of computability, it is impossible to solve the halting problem, the question of whether an arbitrary computer program will enter an infinite loop, or halt and produce output. In other words, testing is nothing but criticism or comparison, which is comparing the actual value with the expected one.

The rate at which IT is encroaching in the core business process of any industry is forcing organizations from each and every industry to adapt these simple, yet complicated solutions to survive in the highly competitive market. But this also means maintenance of these products, which, requires a dedicated facility or a team of expert software engineers. For an organization whose core competency is something that is not IT it may lead to rerouting of resource. This necessitates the role of outsourcing product testing services.

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