Corporate Overview

The Inspiration

Empowering education with innovative, seamlessly integrated, and avant-garde technology for over 20 years, Oréll pioneered the concept of personalized learning with its first digitally-driven language lab in 2002. The success of its then breakthrough technology inspired Oréll to spearhead many a best practice in the quickly evolving age of the internet by continuously expanding its portfolio of offerings to include a range of solutions including a full-service ERP suite for campus automation, eLearning, a learning management system or LMS, eExam, an innovative online testing and evaluating platform, eLibrary an interactive digital library, and etcetera in a new world where swiping a tablet and googling for answers was becoming the new norm.

Why Oréll?

Intelligently harnessing the power of technology, Oréll transformed the process of learning and also revolutionized classroom and institutional management for over 10,000 customers across 50 countries with its all-in-one and standalone campus automation ecosystem. Today, in a world striving to overcome the COVID-19 pandemic, Oréll is yet again at the forefront of tackling challenges head-on while delivering value-for-money, forward-looking, and customizable solutions backed by 24/7 after- sales support.

The Worlds Choicest EdTech

A culture-driven company that has grown in leaps and bounds over the years with its signature customer-centric approach, Oréll has an enviable 99% client-retention rate.Powered by its people, their inspirations, and their passions, Oréll is a vibrant organization that is not only employee-friendly and takes its corporate social responsibilities very seriously but is also the choicest in the world, holistically.

Our Story – how it all started

In early 2001, three colleagues at a startup took up the challenge of digitizing the analogue language laboratory at a renowned women's college at Kochi, in Kerala. Starting from scratch with a team of six software developers, within a year, in 2002, they created history by launching a digital language lab –- the very first indigenous one in the country –- at the same college. The runaway success of their very first venture prompted the three to set up a venture of their own with six associates, exclusively focused at catering to the digitization needs of the education sector. Even while sales and development of the language lab was going full-steam ahead, the visionary zeal of the founders led to them to start the ambitious development of an ERP or campus automation software suite for educational institutions, way back in 2005.

Meaning of Oréll

Oréll is derived from the Latin word "Orela," which means "Announcement from God." Since time immemorial, education has always been regarded as a divine gift to mankind. According to Hindu mythology, it is Goddess Saraswati that endows human beings with the powers of speech, wisdom and learning. "What Is Educational Excellence? Without God — Nothing," wrote Samuel L. Blumenfeld, a 21 century American author and educator wrote in The New American. The Oréll brand epitomizes our vision and mission, which represents everything that we have dedicated ourselves to achieve –- Empowering Education through cutting-edge technology.

Company incorporation and branding

In 2008, Oréll Technosystems (India) was incorporated as a private limited company at a rented premises marking the launch of the Oréll brand and the rest as they say is history. Team Oréll has never looked back ever since. Within a short span of 3 years, with the phenomenal success of the brand, not only did Oréll established itself as a leader in the field IT-enabled services provider for the education sector within the country and overseas by exponentially growing its product portfolio but it also managed to established its headquarters at its very own 10,000 square-foot office in Kochi's prime real estate, apart from of course setting up development centers and regional offices at all metros across the country as well as offices in the UAE, USA, and Oman.

Oréll today

Today, Oréll is a multimillion dollar conglomerate boasting the finest pool of professionals constantly monitoring and upgrading products and solutions while diligently working on innovative solutions for tomorrow. As a registered company in India, the UAE, the USA and Oman, Oréll is truly multinational. Meticulous adherence to the software development life cycle (SDLC) and the company's policy of engaging in every venture, regardless of its size, with enthusiasm and vigor ensures that finished products are always error-free, user friendly and flexible.

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