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Over 10000 Schools and Colleges across 75 countries are using Oréll’s state-of-the-art and revolutionary AI Powered Education Platform for the last two decades and has been benefited by over 20 million users !

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The most-sought after Digital Library Software

A digital library system to efficiently store and manage content digitally, eLibrary is accessible across devices which retrieves comprehensive yet accurate information instantly. Integrated with digital information repositories, eLibrary allows instant access to electronic resources and boasts a database that can be used to store and manage information on different types of content including eBooks, eMagazines, movies, music records, and more, in multiple formats such as print, electronic, video, and etcetera. It is a remarkably collaborative and intuitively feature-packed Digital Library Software Suite that encourages intellectual growth by stimulating research productivity, planning and identifying user information needs.

Why is eLibrary the most-sought after?

Easy-to-use and versatile eLibrary Platform that encourages intellectual growth by stimulating research productivity, planning and identifying user information needs, eLibrary enables users to browse libraries quickly and effectively. eLibrary users have expressed absolute satisfaction with the simultaneous access of a single item to several people at the same time feature, which is perhaps one its biggest advantages. Of course, increased cost-effectiveness, zero wear and tear of materials as well and ease of installation makes eLibrary an ever-popular tool for managing libraries at institutions around the world.

Advantages & Benefits

eLibrary is developed exclusively in-house by the software team at Oréll. This virtual library is customizable to institutional needs and is 100% privilege-controlled by admin., offering a host of advantages. It has an in-built in knowledge database for improved reference services. Supporting every day library operations from selection to meta management, digitization, and fulfillment that helps consolidate, manage and extend workflow systems, it offers many an advantage for managements and users alike.

Unique Features

Simplifying the research process and empowering novice researchers to more easily and accurately select their research topic, eLibrary helps and find authoritative information to support their research claim. Delivering a comprehensive collections of research journals, periodicals, and digital media content editorially selected to support research, it is a responsively-designed user interface offering access on any device at any time, especially for student researchers. Users can access primary and scholarly resources, and all content is in 100% digitized as images, maps, websites, videos and interactive simulations.


Built from the ground up to allow libraries to manage all of their resources and unique materials, supporting teaching, learning, and research, eLibrary unnecessary bottlenecks, streamlining processes while supporting all modern metadata and open standards. eLibrary integrates academic and financial systems, leveraging open standards and protocols and serving as a central hub for library management. This user-friendly and robust library management platform frees up library staff, helping them focus better on supporting student life, academic teaching, and research.


  • Manage profile

  • Access digitized content

  • Review books and journals

  • Rate & Comment

  • View freshly uploaded content


  • Manage profile

  • Add/edit categories

  • Assign subscription plans

  • Autofill eBook options

  • Set privilege options


  • Manage profiles

  • Publish new eBooks

  • Permit public viewing

  • Set options for buying/ subscribing content.

  • Access to reports


  • Manage master settings

  • Activate or deactivate users

  • Define member privileges

  • Add/edit categories

  • Set subscription plans

  • Add new digital contents in multimedia formats

The Oréll eLibrary App

The condensed application version of the Oréll eLibrary enables easy portability across devices and instant reference at any time for all users. Committed to serving the customized needs of all its users, the eLibrary app is compatible with iOS and Android devices and is freely available on Google Play and on the App Store., giving limitless portability across devices and guaranteeing easy, instantaneous access to features and benefits encapsulated in it for users and administrators.

What People Say?

News @ Oréll

30 AUGUST 2022
OréllTalk Digital Language Lab accommodated by Yeshwant Mahavidyalaya, Wardha, Maharashtra

We are happy to announce that Oréll Software Solution’s OréllTalk Digital Language Lab has sold to Yeshwant Mahavidyalaya, Wardha, Maharashtra, to meet the Language ...

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28 AUGUST 2022
Bhausaheb Vartak Polytechnic, Maharashtra purchases OréllTalk Digital Language Lab

It has been a matter of great satisfaction for us that many Central/State/Deemed/Private Universities in India come our way seeking the software services we provide ...

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27 AUGUST 2022
Vinayak Ganesh Vaze College, Mumbai accepts OréllTalk Digital Language Lab

We are eager to work along with Vinayak Ganesh Vaze College, Mumbai establishing Smart version of OréllTalk Digital Language Lab. With this implementation the Department ...

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