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Especially designed for AICTE Affiliated Professional Colleges

EduGrievance is a centralized online grievance redressal system for educational institutions. Web-based and smart, students, teachers, staff, and parents can post complaints online from any device 24/7. Automatic routing of grievances to the right authority accelerates redressal time, substantially. Real-time tracking/monitoring lends credibility and transparency to the entire process.

Why Online Grievance Redressal Mechanism?

The University Grants Commission (UGC) and the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE) have stipulated that all institutions of higher learning, including professional colleges should have an effective mechanism in place for students to post complaints/grievances and for managements to effectively redress it to safeguard student interests including unfair practices, harassment, ragging, and etcetera.

Why EduGrievance?

Managing and maintaining an effective and transparent analogue Grievance Redressal System can be often cumbersome, tedious, and time-consuming. EduGrievance offers a comprehensive, standalone, and cost-effective management system to streamline the processes of grievance handling and redressal at institutions. Innovative, integrated, and intuitive, it is a superefficient online portal that seamlessly makes the entire process of posting complaints and addressing those 100% foolproof and trackable, even for statutory bodies. Not only students but all authorized users including teachers and parents can post grievances.

How does EduGrievance Work?

EduGrievance is hosted on the cloud and a link to it will be provided on your website, which your authorized users such as your students, teachers, parents, staff and/or authorized personnel can quickly access by just clicking on it from any mobile device. They will be instantly directed to the portal where they can post their grievance. This post will automatically get sent instantly to the relevant authority/depart for redressal. Complainants, management, and even statutory bodies can view posts at any point in time and track/monitor them till they are appropriately dealt with or redressed.

  • Unique login for every user with username & password.

  • Register complaints/grievances online

  • View status of complaints

  • Unique login for Admin and authorized grievance cell personnel

  • Authorized personnel can view and address complaints

  • Generate status reports with details on grievances received, redressed and/or pending

What Makes EduGrievance Unique?

EduGrievance online grievance redress software for professional colleges will help you replace the inefficient grievance approach at your institution by automating it. With EduGrievance, complaints from users follow a method for reporting that ensures that they reach the right authority, instantly. This grievance monitoring portal would help speedy redressal of the grievances, reduce complaints at institutions.

Why Grievance Redressal System ?

The grievance redressal mechanism is intended to facilitate people address their grievances online. This online grievance tracking system is an effective means to communicate with the authorities regarding their complaints in a time saving and cost-effective manner. Besides, online grievance administration ensures that the grievances are addressed promptly making use of grievance redressal technologies, which automatically tracks and pursues its status.


EduGrievance is a sound online grievance handling mechanism that is easily accessible, simple, quick, and fair, while ensuring 100% confidentiality for all users. Also, it is responsive, effective, accountable and able to provide feedback to the management of institutions, enabling the implementing of systematic reforms. This online grievance management mechanism, designed in accordance with the AICTE directive, aims at resolving grievances of students, parents and others with optimal transparency and accuracy.

Advantages & Benefits

The online grievance handling system lets authorities to monitor whether institute stakeholders are misusing any services and also automates the entire grievance procedure right from registration to its closure. This online grievance administration system allows you to add the existing or new grievance redressal cell members into the portal and to track grievances online to give immediate response/resolution to the complainants.

Types of Grievances

Grievances at educational institutions fall into two categories primarily – academic and non-academic. The purpose of online grievance redressal system for AICTE affiliated colleges is to ensure that the institute complies to resolve internally all types of grievances in a timely manner. It is advantageous to students, faculty, staff, and administration is that it keeps all communications transparent yet discreet.

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