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Designed for language teachers by teachers, OréllTalk not only helps a student attain proficiency in mastering any foreign language, but also enables him/her to communicate effortlessly in it. This state-of-the-art communication methodology is exclusively designed for teachers who are not necessarily native speakers and students who desire to communicate effectively in a foreign language like native speakers themselves. Integrating an array of innovative features and functionalities with ease-of-operability and deployment, OréllTalk recreates the experience of picking-up the nuances of mastering a foreign tongue in a real-life situation overseas. In other words, OréllTalk is second best only to actually living in a foreign land to learn the language!

OréllTalk makes it interactive and fun for students to learn any language. Focus on the language is increased considerably as OréllTalk permits students to listen to the program of study in absolute privacy, substantially enhancing their attention spans.

Its superb delivery of sound individually to each student helps them concentrate and grasp the teacher's instructions better. Lessons can be recorded, played back repeatedly and practiced limitless number of times allowing for better understanding. Listening skills are an essential element in becoming linguistically fluent. It enhances the listening capabilities, helping them communicate better. Teachers can monitor individually and communicate with students more efficiently than in a regular classroom helping them overcome shyness or timidity. Usually in a regular classroom all other students stop speaking when the teacher communicates with an individual student. In a lab they can continue working uninterrupted even if the teacher is helping an individual student. Random pairing/ grouping feature helps teachers generate a variety of exercises structured around role-playing.

Students can playback their pronunciation, compare them to that of the native speaker and do a self- evaluation of their progress before sending it across to the teacher. This gives them a goal to work towards while motivating them to give it their best shot, every time. They also get exposure to a variety of native model voices rather than just the voice of the teacher (who is often not a native speaker). Testing features is yet another added advantage. The instructor can also generate records of attendance, grading and assign online exams as well.

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