What is a Digital Language Lab and why do you need one?

Conventional/Analogue Language Learning Laboratories

It was to overcome the fundamental shortfall of language teaching/learning in a typical setting that led to the emergence of analogue language laboratories in the early 1970s with the advent of audio tapes, amplifiers and speakers/headphones. Despite having a few common advantages in acquiring language proficiency when compared with a digital system, its disadvantages are far outweighed.

Digital Language Lab

Very often, in a traditional foreign language-learning classroom setting, the tendency is to have a "one-size-fits-all" approach where classes are conducted in groups, and taught by a non-native speaker of the language, especially in a country like India. Confident students dominate while others receive little attention and courses tend to be textbook-based and/or generic. Yet again, the goal of the student (and in most cases the goal of the teacher as well), is to score the highest marks possible in examinations, leading to rote learning by students. This style of teaching and learning is detrimental to motivating the student in acquiring communicative proficiency in the language while sometimes even instilling a lack of self-confidence in speaking the language.

This is why a language lab is crucial to learning to communicate effectively in any foreign language, regardless of the script. However, OréllTalk is not just another "special equipment" that requires a room. It is a smart, digitally-driven and cloud-based language lab software program, especially effective in supporting mobile assisted language-learning and teaching to attain fluency in any foreign language of your choice. It provides instant and seamless access to native-speakers via audio-video aids, helping you imbibe the nuances of the language almost as if you were residing in a foreign country where you did not have a choice but to speak the native language. Programed to run across operating systems and even available as an app, OréllTalk is truly the next-generation language mastering tool.

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