Flip your regular language-learning sessions into interactive and fun-filled sessions while preparing your students to thrive in a multilingual world. Listening, speaking, reading, and writing are the four pieces of the language puzzle. Put LSRW, the four pieces of the language puzzles together through dozens of learning activities, including pronunciation practice and typing tasks.

Higher Education

Teaching effective communication in a foreign language can often be monotonous and/or boring for both teachers and their students. Help bring the amazement and joy associated with learning something new in every class with the OréllTalk. You can have students coming to class well-equipped with the words and phrases they need to participate in communicative activities and contextual learning.

Professional Colleges

Advanced, customizable features of OréllTalk such as groups discussions, debates and roleplaying enables students to overcome inhibitions and speak with confidence in front of an audience, helping prepare to make effective presentations in their chosen careers.


At large universities, OréllTalk is truly invaluable not only as an effective language-learning tool for students of all nationalities but also as an indispensable platform that is integrated with an e-Library and an Online Exam software, which is easily accessible for all students.

Training Centers

For institutions of training such as centers preparing students for the IELTS and competitive entrance tests including IAS, they can quickly create and assign custom lessons to correspond to a student's customized requirement and level-appropriate learning materials with OréllTalk.

Government Projects

Oréll has always worked very closely with central and state government undertakings across India and overseas including countries in Africa, helping them implement large-scale smart solutions for automating educational institutions. A few of our major joint-venture projects with government institutions include our projects with the Indian Defense Forces (Army, Navy and the Airforce) Army, the Indian High Commission in Sri Lanka, the Nigerian Ministry of Education and etcetera.

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