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Effective articulation, especially in a foreign language such as English, is the essence of communication. Communication, both spoken and written, is often correlated with intelligence, good education, and a general sign of capability. It is the bedrock of success in any profession.

Nevertheless, learning to articulate effortlessly is more than being able to read and understand certain words. Mastery of the spoken language is almost impossible to achieve, especially when you're taught the foreign language by a non-native speaker. You might be able to read and write fast but often, literally "lost for words" when it comes to effectively expressing yourself in the language.

OréllTalk is a cloud-based, next-gen language lab software platform providing access to native-speakers communicating in their natural environment via audio-video aids, which helps you master the art of expressing yourself effectively in any foreign language, with ease and confidence.

Supporting mobile-assisted language learning with options for role-play, tests to gauge performances, instant graded feedback and much more, OréllTalk is an innovatively integrated and perhaps the only one of its kind value-for-money foreign language mastering tool that is not only a 100% "on-the-move" learning option but is also an excellent teaching aid to enhance communicative skills, impressively.

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