What makes the Oréll Class LMS Unique?

Unique Features

The Oréll Class LMS offers many an advantage such as delivering uninterrupted excellent learning, both online and offline by using world class teaching pedagogies to achieve high learning outcomes for every child, in perfect synchrony with the new normal that we are getting attuned to around the world.

Unique for Students

According to a study by IBM, students learn 5 times more material through online courses than they would learn in traditional classrooms. Since every student has a different learning pace, digital learning allows them to take as much time as they want on any particular topic without feeling discouraged.

Better Engagement with the Teacher

It has been observed that students get to interact with their tutor or teacher better through online courses. The Oréll Class LMS provides more time and space for students to talk with the teacher. Students who feel uncomfortable interacting in front of others can easily share their course-related problems through messaging or any other digital means. The Research Institute of America states that eLearning increases retention rates from 25% to 60% while retention rates of face-to-face training are very low in comparison: 8% to 10%.

The Convenience Factor

Convenience is one of the most important factors that make online learning preferable and enjoyable for students. Offering 100% flexibility in terms of time and space for students, they can schedule lectures on the Oréll Class LMS based on their individual availability. It does not require them to be at a specific place at a particular time. All they need is an internet connection and their device, and they are all set to take online lectures.

Personalized Learning Experience

In traditional classrooms, approximately 30-40 students learn together with a teacher addressing and managing them all together. This handicaps the teacher from addressing individual student needs. The Oréll Class LMS leverages technology and individualized teaching models to provide personalized learning experiences to students and is equipped with the necessary tools that enable students to connect with the teacher for a better learning experience.

Unique for Teachers

Freedom to Compose and Plan Lessons

Traditional methodologies inhibit freedom of teaching. With limited classes and time-bound lectures, it makes it difficult for passionate teachers to give their best. Oréll Class provides absolute access to teachers for designing and planning lectures. They get to tailor the courses and teaching hours to their individual preference and convenience. Furthermore, it enables them to connect with students from all over the world.

Flexibility of Time & Space

What can be better than working on your own terms? Online teaching through the Oréll Class LMS allows instructors to set their own schedules. They can record audio/video lectures and upload them for students or deliver live virtual lessons without time and place posing any obstacles. Also, a scheduled lecture can be easily rescheduled in case there is some issue in delivering it as preordained.

Conduct Online Exams

Oréll Class permits conducting online examination protocols by teachers that offers flexibility of deployment, 100% secure and easy-to administer from anywhere. This also ensures that students and schools adhere to high academic standards, with their progress measured and results reported in simple, transparent formats.

Comprehensive E-library

The presence of a comprehensive e-library is yet another obvious plus with the Oréll Class LMS. Teachers can simply request students to get more detailed information from this by just keying-in certain elementary fields in the search option, which grants them instant access to accurate data in a format of their choice.

Unique for Admins/Managers/Parents

Individualized Modules

Administrators, managers and parents have customized modules to log into that offers them a range of options to monitor the entire operations at all times, or observe virtual classrooms in progress, or monitor the progress made by their wards , as the case may be at a time and place of their choosing, with absolute clarity.

Up-to-date at All Times

The current version of the Oréll Class LMS enables the monitoring of teachers and students in real-time, incognito and without disturbing teaching and learning sessions. They can rest assured that they are never left behind in their quest for ensuring right outcomes.


Users can generate detailed reports based on their individual needs quickly and effortlessly through the Oréll Class LMS by simply logging in and generating a report of their choosing.

App Version

The compact app version of the Oréll Class LMS enables easy portability across devices and instant reference at any time for all users. Committed to serving the unique mentoring and monitoring needs of all institutions regardless of its size, the Oréll Class LMS is the perfect solution to ensuring better and brighter outcomes for our generations of the future.

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