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Why SmartLib & How it works?

SmartLib is a next-generation, easy-to-use library management solution that is stable, broad-based, and cost-effective. Interactive and intelligently intuitive, SmartLib streamlines library operations with web tools that make core library functions quick and efficient. Fast-forwarding transactions and communicating with all users effortlessly, it is custom-designed to cater to the exacting demands of library aficionados worldwide.

  • Create an individual book database and manage it.
  • Issue/reissue/collect returned books.
  • Issue membership cards.
  • Send email alerts to borrowers.
  • Generate bar codes, print smart cards and integrate.
  • Barcoding and membership cards enable multiple resources issue and collection.
  • Accept charges and generate receipts.
  • Uses the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system of classification.
  • Generate detailed reports in a choice of multiple formats.
  • Narrow down searches with multiple keywords and filters.
  • Assign fresh arrivals from members and collect pending issues.
  • Check book bibliographies and reservation status.
  • Members can reserve a title.
  • Record and mark all the issues, reservations, submissions, and renewals.
  • Entering media details and member barcode can authorize issue to member.
  • User fees paid/pending can be recorded in the database
  • Generate comprehensive reports.
  • Fine users for lost/damaged materials.

Integrated Virtual Library

SmartLib is integrated with a virtual library in its advanced framework. This enables librarians/staff to upload media in the form of e-books and e-journals. Users/members can download these as PDFs and print them out when necessary.


  • Round the clock availability
  • Students and staffs can view or download e-books, videos, audios.
  • Online/Offline read options are available.
  • Teachers can upload video lectures online and students can access them.
  • Audio and visual media storage facility
  • Books belonging to various genres can be created and assigned
  • Books/genres can be generated, altered and discarded
  • Allocate ISBN number
  • Files having various format can be uploaded
  • Long-lasting usage and storage facility
  • With keys of letters and numbers a user can locate eBooks.
  • Review syllabi.
  • Assignments prepared by users can be uploaded
  • Enables listening to famous speeches.
  • Unlimited and repeated access to data.
  • Rate books/periodicals/videos.

SmartLib – Easy-to-Use Mobile App

Your library—anywhere, everywhere

Now the world's most advanced library management software is available as a futuristic mobile application enabling safe, secure, and instant access to your library from anywhere in the world!

  • Access databases from anywhere on any mobile device.
  • Leverages native device capabilities for iOS or Android.
  • Easy and superefficient recordkeeping.
  • Print barcodes & generate smartcards.
  • Media supplement entry supervision.
  • Limit/reserve access to media.
  • Preset circulation management alerts.
  • Retrieve/restore damaged media.
  • Collect access fees and memberships.
  • Instantly locate any library resource/member.

Modules / Dashboards

The SmartLib Library Management system consists of three modules or interfaces. These interfaces offer many a user-specific feature which simplifies user interactions in the library making them quick, safe and tangible. SmartLib Library Management Software has a user friendly framework that consists of three modules- Librarian, student interface and staff/ library staff/ mentors Interface Let’s go through each of them


In a Computerized Library Management System the librarian manages the library activities in digital set-up. It negates the chances of losing and damage of paper works, documents and files. The transaction can be conducted with less time and more effect by the user. The books can be managed properly in the library with the system. The library staff can handle the staff and view the report module.

  • Monitor the entire platform.
  • Send messages to all users.
  • By entering the member and media barcode the media can be issued to the members.
  • The fees collected and to be paid are marked
  • Reports of books those are either damaged or missing.
  • Media supplement entry supervision.
  • Set the fine amount for lost or damaged media.
  • The search, transaction, report generation, validation can be performed
  • Maintains profile or records on search, edit, and print ID card.
  • Scan member IDs/ barcodes when users borrow materials.


This system is designed for a user friendly environment so that student and staff of library can perform the various tasks easily and in an effective way. Through this part of the portal students can log in and have access to the library data.

  • Access to all learning materials
  • Filter searches by media type, author, publisher and titles.
  • Access question papers from previous year and the solutions.
  • Gather and pool together study materials and research.
  • View availability of resources, rate and review books/resources.
  • View status of books issued, expected dates of return.
  • Request librarians to reserve resources to borrow.
  • Access books both online and offline
  • View reservations and bibliographies.
  • Pay fees and collect receipts.


Library management system is all about organizing, managing the library and library-oriented tasks. It also involves maintaining the database of entering new books and the record of books that have been retrieved or issued, with their respective dates.

  • Staff is enabled to master the reservation process
  • Management of payment and the collection of pending payment
  • Blacklisting of user profiles – tract users and categorize user profiles with lists.
  • Catalogue Mechanism (Online) - access and check the availability of media
  • All round statistics helps assess and map the import of books and recordkeeping.
  • Staff pay- incorporate payroll to librarian.
  • Upload all learning resources.
  • View list of books issued with issue date and date of return.
  • Access book transaction module.
  • Check reservation statuses and book bibliographies.


The colleges do not look the way they used to anymore. The advanced technologies stemming from cloud/ mobile applications have made great impacts on campus management. In the process of renovating campus administration and management procedures, the dusty good old libraries have to be refurbished. This is when the term “Library Management System" becomes relevant.

  • User-friendly
  • Augment use of Libraries
  • Data via Cloud
  • Highly Secure & Reliable
  • Error-free
  • Innovation-evoking
  • Can be customized
  • Cost-effective
  • Meets all the Standards of International Quality

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