Integrated Virtual Library

Integrated Virtual Library is created exclusively by the software development team at Oréll. This virtual library is customizable to institutional needs and is 100% privilege-controlled by admin. A virtual Library, as the name suggests, stores digital content that can be accessed with computers and smart phones. The data acquired through Integrated Virtual library is secure and virus-free. The necessary data from the database gets delivered in fractions of a second.

Integrated Virtual Library is a platform of arranging and locating information, aiming to strengthen the knowledge of the users, especially students.

A virtual school library is an online space, available 24/7, that is an extension of your physical library. Through your virtual library, users can find and access your digital materials. It can bring together content that you've sourced from different places. Your virtual library can also offer online help and support for your school community. It enables the staff in providing students with all relevant links that can be used further to enhance their knowledge in a particular topic thus go a little beyond what’s there in the books. Thereby it saves a lot of time and energy of the children and ensures safe use of internet.


  • Round the clock availability
  • Students and staffs can view or download e-books, videos, audios.
  • Online/Offline read options are available.
  • Teachers can upload video lectures online and students can access them.
  • Students can learn from the video classes
  • Helps students to delve deep into their favorite topics
  • Students can collect materials
  • Audio and visual media storage facility
  • Can download question banks
  • Can access all the necessary URL’s when online
  • Books belonging to various genres can be created and assigned
  • Books/genres can be generated, altered and discarded
  • Author Description view
  • Allocate ISBN number
  • Files having various format can be uploaded
  • Information can’t be destructed
  • Long-lasting usage and storage facility
  • Long-lasting Membership benefits
  • Two formats- intranet and internet
  • With keys of letters and numbers a user can locate eBooks.
  • Review syllabi.
  • Assignments prepared by users can be uploaded
  • Enables listening to famous speeches.
  • Unlimited and repeated access to data.
  • View and read book prefaces.
  • Rate books/periodicals/videos.
  • Explore author details.
  • View figures and diagrams

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