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Library Management - Then and Now

The library profession was born in the cloudburst of mass publishing during the 19th century with the start of mass circulation. Until a couple of decades ago, libraries as we knew them were neat silos of information in brick and mortar public/private institutions dedicated to the pursuit of knowledge, where you could borrow books, periodicals/ journals and videos of interest, if you were a member. Today, libraries are giant, virtual archives of infinite knowledge offering unlimited and instant access with just a swipe of your mobile device – and this requires smart library management efficiencies as epitomized by SmartLib.

Prior to computerization, library tasks were performed manually and independently of each other. Selectors ordered materials with ordering slips, cataloguers manually catalogued sources and indexed them with the card catalog system (in which all bibliographic data was kept on a single index card), fines were collected by local bailiffs, and users signed books out manually, indicating their name on "clue" cards which were then kept at the circulation desk. The subsequent punch card system allowed for more efficient tracking of loans but library services were far from being integrated, and no other library task was affected by this change.

With the evolution of the internet throughout the 1990s and into the 2000s, libraries began allowing users to be more actively engaged through online public access catalogs (OPACs) and online web-based portals. Users could log into their library accounts to reserve or renew books, as well as authenticate themselves for access to library-subscribed online databases. Nevertheless, the evolution of library management systems over the last 5 years has been amazing. Groundbreaking technologies permitting blink-of-an-eye digitization of hard copies into umpteen perceivable formats has not only improved preservation of library data enabling limitless access at the same time to multiple users but also requires absolutely effective and foolproof management of libraries and archives – as guaranteed by SmartLib.


Library Management Systems are web based software that enable educational institutions to administer books and other information to students, teachers and staff. It provides comparatively easy ways for librarians to create and store their library collections. It lets students and teachers to interact and associate through multiple platforms. Schools and colleges use this system to increase classroom reaching in libraries. There are many benefits to SmartLib a few of which are listed as follows:

1. User-friendly

The user-friendly interface of SmartLib is simple and effective and can be easily incorporated with the existing library system. The automated backup data and the easy upgradation of SmartLib simplifies and enhances the learning experience.

2. Augment use of Libraries

Students have access to library books 24/7. They can work from any corner of the world and can have instant and authentic results devoid of tiresome searches and fact checking. It lets the users have access to different information that comes in different types like books, publications, eBooks, videos, photos, audios etc.

3. Data via Cloud

Automates library database securely for the institutions to benefit from cloud technology.

4. Highly Secure & Reliable

Institutions benefit from SmartLib because of the highly secure and reliable access they have on libraries resulting high efficiency and seamless functioning.

5. Error-free

The SmartLib Library Management has been designed in such a clear-cut, easy to use and powerful manner that enables easy entry of data and an error-free interface.

6. Innovation-evoking

Reading leads to enlightenment. Students having access to libraries 24/7 with the SmartLib are probably more likely to excel in all their endeavors, often inciting innovative ideas.

7. Can be customized

The library automation system is fully customizable and adaptable to the needs of educational institutions to provide fast, reliable data.

8. Cost-effective

Embracing sophisticated technologies is cost-effective and a viable choice for education institutions. Using cloud, mobile and digital libraries eliminates paper-based processes and maintenance overheads, improves productivity, reduces operation costs and saves time.

9. Meets all the Standards of International Quality

SmartLib Library Management Software conforms to all the international parameters required for the fulfilment of all library-related processes and tasks.

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