Why SmartLib & How it works?

Library Management - Then and Now

SmartLib links basic library controls with cutting-edge tools of user engagement. Helping manage all aspects of the library seamlessly, it can categorize all resources while vigilantly tracking and monitoring for instance, books issued, overdue, damaged and or lost. SmartLib keeps the user well informed in real-time through targeted and relevant communication across multiple channels, including email, text, notifications, and direct messaging. Powered by smart technology, it provides a more user-friendly, intelligent presentation of library data on a simple dashboard. Librarians can effectively use it to even manage, and create exciting events while enhancing user experiences and making it more enjoyable.

The SmartLib interfaces is user-friendly and easy to navigate. It is designed to guide users and the system to successful outcomes, ensuring satisfaction and elevating the library experience. The software is customizable according to individual library needs including database volumes and user numbers. For institutional managements, it offers an extended 360-degree of all library activities on a need-to-know basis and in real-time, while reducing overhead costs and saving time and money. To enable ease of use and deployment, SmartLib is available in three modules, making it a value for money solution for automating your library and helping guide users to quickly find titles and get timely assistance from the staff/librarian when necessary.

Benefits of EduGrievance at a glance:

  • Create an individual book database and manage it.
  • Book details are included in book lists.
  • Issue/reissue/collect returned books.
  • Tagging/review features for enhanced user experiences.
  • Issue membership cards.
  • Send email alerts to borrowers.
  • Place orders, receive materials and raise invoices.
  • Generate bar codes, print smart cards and integrate.
  • Auto-detect language of all library resources.
  • Barcoding and membership cards enable multiple resources issue and collection.
  • Intimate users in advance of library holidays.
  • Enter date of addition to database for all resources.
  • Book/resources donor details are displayed.
  • Librarians can interact with department heads via chat messages.
  • Upload question banks for student modules.
  • Accept charges and generate receipts.
  • Users can rate and review books/resources online.
  • Uses the Dewey Decimal Classification (DDC) system of classification.
  • Interfaces are customizable with institutional logo/theme/address.
  • Enter department details.
  • Create registrations affiliating books and members.
  • Generate detailed reports in a choice of multiple formats.
  • Individual logins with user-name and password for student, staff, librarian/admin.
  • Prioritize books/resources neatly.
  • Locate library members.
  • Users can access the library catalogue from anywhere and anytime with credentials.
  • Change and reset user- password.
  • Narrow down searches with multiple keywords and filters.
  • Assign fresh arrivals from members and collect pending issues.
  • Check book bibliographies and reservation status.
  • Add new books/resources to a collection
  • Members can reserve a title.
  • Enter membership/user fees as well as terms and conditions of use.
  • Categorize patrons as students/staff/faculty.
  • Assign number of resources available for borrowing at a time.
  • Assign number of days before penalties for late returns are applied.
  • Set membership expiration dates.
  • Prioritize reservation based on user category.
  • Decline a user from borrowing resources.
  • Enter book name/type into the database.
  • Organize all resources alphabetically including media and categorize by genre.
  • Add book details under categories.
  • When a new author/publisher is added details are automatically updated.
  • Librarians can record and mark all the issues, reservations, submissions, and renewals.
  • Entering media details and member barcode can authorize issue to member.
  • Use media reservation tool when media is returned.
  • User fees paid/pending can be recorded in the database
  • Generate reports on the books damaged/lost/ missing
  • Generate comprehensive reports.
  • Manage media creation
  • Supervise media supplement entry
  • Fine users for lost/damaged materials.
  • Calculate penalties.
  • Search and fins any item in database.

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