Advantages & Benefits

Advantages & Benefits

Exams are secure, customizable, unswerving and highly interactive with compact turnaround time and reachable via various devices. It enables the management /teachers to scale up their evaluation processes without glitches. It helps make inroads into the student community with ease by providing them with improved access to learning. Demands for efficient online exam software platforms are growing day by day and as the users get more and more acclimatized with using the system, it will soon become an inseparable part of any educational institution.

Advantage Students

  • Easy access from anywhere in the world in real-time.
  • 100% safe and dependable.
  • Physical presence is not necessary.
  • Absolute privacy.
  • Easy to use test interface.
  • Spell check.
  • Bold, Highlight, Italicize & more.
  • Upload images, charts or graphs.
  • Export to PDF and Word
  • Unlimited tests.

Advantage Examiners

  • Perfectly formatted tests.
  • Question pools.
  • Build exams with ease.
  • Grade tests automatically
  • Flexibility of use and ease of access.
  • Export to PDF and Word
  • Unlimited tests.
  • Upload images, charts or graphs.
  • Set time limits for online tests.
  • Detailed test result analysis reports.

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