Why is eXam technology cutting-edge?

Why Oréll eXam ?

AI-based Proctoring Features Ensure Total Cheating Prevention

Exams can be administered and scored quickly and efficiently from anywhere across the globe and accessed by students. Its video proctoring capabilities checks students' video feeds and raises flags in case of any suspicious activity visible in the video. It checks students' audio feeds and raises flags in case of additional human voices in the vicinity. It even assesses and checks students' pictures taken at regular intervals to rule out any kind of foul play. Delivering systematically perfect computerized scoring with the opportunity for a cost-effective method to create better tests beyond multiple choice, including simulations and constructed responses in a stress-free manner, eXam is an outstanding system module that can be used effectively for the comprehensive management of examinations conducted in schools.

The fully compact functionalities of this software help to save the time and effort. This powerful exam platform helps the teacher create, conduct and assess a single or cumulative examination report and provide it to the student. Using a broad spectrum of examination protocols, this module not only incorporates the challenging demands of the institution regardless of magnitude or syllabi complexity but also sports matchless features such as an exam scheduler, detailed score analyzer, graphical/numerical presenter and much more. The efficient systematization and easy-to-use functionality of eXam makes it a priceless tool for every institution.

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