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Attendance Tracker- Attendance Management System

Attendance-Management-System Attendance marking and tracking in schools has been an exhausting and time consuming task for years. When it is performed manually, the chances of errors are also greater. To reduce the labour behind attendance tracking through paperwork, Schooberry introduces Attendance Tracker Software that is perfectly designed to track and manage attendance in any strenuous situation. The integration of ID card or biometric scanners adds compatibility to the attendance marking procedure.
Attendance Tracker is a complete user oriented attendance management solution. The provision of instant alerts of this web based attendance tracker informs the parents regarding their child’s absence in class. This fully automated attendance software is customizable based on the prerequisites of institutions. With the use of Attendance Tracker, the school authority can ensure a considerable fall in absentee number. Thus the staff members will no longer be required to keep an eye on the students’ attendance tracking. Moreover, attendance reports can be generated on different criteria which save the school staff’s working time which can be used for other productive works.
Attendance Tracker is an innovative and 100% fail-safe attendance tracking system with single point interface, which keeps an eagle's-eye on the presence and leave details of every scholar. Managing everyday attendance is now quite safe in the hands of Schooberry Attendance Tracker. It also offers predetermined periodic self-checking of individual attendance records and regular e-alerts to parent/guardian.

  • Tracks student attendance
  • Maintains academic calendar
  • Exam module compatibility
  • Holiday scheduling
  • Customized reports & graphical representations
  • Alerts to parents/guardian on student’s absence
  • Monitoring Individual and Class-wise attendance
  • Enables Reverse attendance marking
  • Facility to classify Approved and Non-approved absence
  • Day and Hour-wise filtering
  • Integration with RFID/Biometric/Smart Card
  • Various Informative reports
  • Weekly period settings for time table criteria
  • Calculation of attendance Percentage
  • Attendance Filter
  • Eliminates paperwork
  • Flexibility in usage
  • Reduces Operational and administrative cost
  • Error-free, efficient and consistent
  • Fully integrated reports in desired formats
  • Easy to customize and expands
  • Attendance Details: Class wise
  • Attendance Details: Individual
  • Monthly Attendance Register

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