Attendance Management System

Attendance module is a cloud solution automating attendance processes with a tracking software, which makes it error-free and efficient. Attendance policies are often connected with the grading system or ability to sit for exams. Manual tracking on an hourly basis is tiresome and prone to inefficiencies. This module calculates annual/ semester average attendance for each course, recording data accurately and generates customized reports.


  • Attendance register
  • Attendance Details: Class wise, Individual wise, Subject wise
  • Attendance marking - forenoon and afternoon
  • Attendance marking privilege for class teacher
  • Attendance Filter: allows the user to filter students according to their percentage of attendance
  • Attendance percent calculation
  • Attendance marking in reverse pattern
  • Tracks student attendance
  • Biometric / RFID integration
  • Grade master settings for students
  • Monitoring Individual, Subject and Class-wise attendance
  • Day wise/subject wise/Individual wise/ class wise attendance marking
  • Notification sent to parents/guardian on student’s absence & Holidays
  • Day wise filtering
  • Regular attendance & Annual Attendance marking
  • Exam module compatibility
  • Automatic percentage calculation
  • The administrator can keep a note of staff attendance and keep a record of the same
  • Facility to import and export the student attendance for a specific period
  • Parents can view only their student’s attendance
  • Teachers have access to the entire class attendance
  • Can see month wise student attendance in calendar form in home page/dashboard (present, absent, half day, holidays)


  • Total Attendance
  • Shortage List report
  • Monthly Attendance Register
  • Individual wise reports
  • Class wise reports
  • Subject wise reports
  • Date wise reports
  • Term wise reports
  • Address book - Staff,Student
  • Attendance shortage reports – on students having attendance below a certain percentage
  • Absentees report - class/month/term/half day

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