Oréll Campus permits storing, modification, and retrieving of information, quickly and efficiently using pull down menus. Precision engineered to serve every aspect of managing a campus, cost-effectively, it is user friendly, versatile, futuristic and fully customizable. Enabling seamless data integration, segregation, and centralized control of administrative activities, is a fantastic tool empowering campuses that at the same time is a boon for users.

Benefits for Management

  • Post complaints by students, teachers, parents and other staff
  • Single point school management system
  • Minimizes data redundancy through single database
  • Time saving communication among the management, staff and parents
  • Integrated application with smart card/barcode/RFID card
  • To view the reply for the complaint posted
  • Global outlook and exposure for the school and its constituents
  • Paperless transaction in overall management processes
  • Immediate data retrieval through customizable reports
  • Compatible on LAN and Internet
  • Fully automated staff and student administration
  • Staff evaluation through online polls

Benefits for Parents

  • Multiple student access for parents with more than one child at the school
  • Instant SMS notification on student’s absence from the school
  • SMS/email alerts on fee due reminders and fees paid
  • View assignments set and continuous evaluation marks awarded
  • Access disciplinary actions and medical record of the student
  • View syllabus, notice board, exam schedules and holiday settings online
  • SMS/email alerts on exam/event results
  • Active participation in discussion forums and opinion polls
  • Get regular updates through e-news, image gallery, news letters etc

Benefits for Students

  • Online application for admission
  • SMS/email alerts regarding application and admission status
  • Download assignments and lesson notes posted by faculty
  • Write exams online
  • Smooth access of exams & assignment results online
  • SMS/email reminders for fees and library media that are due
  • Staff performance evaluation through opinion polls
  • Online forum participation to express student’s views
  • Online collaboration on projects with other students
  • Access library OPAC search to browse library contents
  • Fully functional e-mail on school website with POP access
  • Exam timetables, event schedules and results posted on school website and sent via SMS/email

Benefits for Staff

  • Complete attendance administration
  • Post assignments and notes/lessons on school online portal
  • Automated timetable scheduling and exam management
  • Online exam evaluation and assessment
  • Attendance tracking using Barcode/RFID card
  • Transparent Leave/loan application
  • Successful and effective communication with parents
  • Online feedback from parents and students through polls
  • Online question bank and question paper creation

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