Classroom Management and eLearning (LMS)

Classroom management module is custom-designed to give teachers a lot more flexibility in managing everything from the layout of their classroom to documenting, tracking, and reporting disciplinary incidents in a secure, intuitive, and cost-effective manner. Classroom management module helps in personalization of the learning experience for students, enabling teachers to impart knowledge in an individualized teaching style perhaps most effective to their way of teaching.


  • Lessons with exercises
  • Lessons with text/pdf formats
  • Instant score with grading
  • Track each student in real time
  • Create lessons - class wise, subject wise
  • View examination/evaluation report
  • Admin can view student Activities/Projects/Home works
  • Sharing files between teachers and students
  • Share assignments with attachments and instructions
  • Students can upload assignments/activities
  • Students can submit Activity/Project/Assignment/Homework
  • Students can Check Activity/Project/Assignment/Homework status and marks
  • Pay type settings (Tuition & Bus fee, bus fee (border), activity fee, bus security deposit and annual admission fee)
  • Students, Parents, Teachers can view Attendance
  • Students, Parents can view new Activity/ Projects / Assignment/Homework details
  • Students, Parents can access time tables
  • Teachers can upload timetables, syllabus, and circulars
  • Teachers to evaluate with grade and remarks
  • Teachers to evaluate descriptive answers with remarks
  • Teachers can create assignments, projects, homework, activities
  • Teachers are able to track progress and provide goals for students to then inform parents of their child’s progress
  • Teachers who were effective classroom managers kept students involved in academic work by organizing instruction
  • Effective classroom managers monitor student behavior to quickly deal with off-task and disruptive behaviors that threaten their system
  • Creating, distributing and grading assignments /homework/ projects/activities etc
  • It also provides information about how culture, classroom factors, and teacher actions can influence student behavior
  • Understanding and addressing the needs of Students in the classrooms
  • Enable students, instructors, staff and parents to seamlessly connect and share information via email, SMS


  • Time Table
  • Assessment Report
  • Attendance Report - Class/Student
  • Class wise student submitted data- assignment/homework/activity/project report

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