SmartLib - Library Management System

SmartLib module helps campus librarians with a desktop-based interface to better administer all processes involved in managing the library, efficiently. Integrated with OPACs, it helps users pinpoint the exact location of a particular resource and access it instantly, making SmartLib an invaluable tool and asset for all users and every institution. It also provides access to library e-resources, including newspapers and podcasts.


  • Student, Staff, Admin logins
  • Creation and management of an individual book
  • Book List with complete information
  • Books issue, Re issue, return process, and acquisitions (ordering, receiving, and invoicing materials)
  • Greater user interaction incorporating tagging and reader reviews
  • Issuing membership cards
  • Send e-alerts on due dates of return/new arrivals
  • Barcode/ Smartcard integration and printing
  • Mention the different languages of each book, CDs, clippings, drawings, films or any other form of media
  • Multiple issue-return mechanism with barcode and membership card
  • Assign the Library holidays
  • Record Date on which the media was added to library
  • Enter Discount amount then the Net cost is calculated and displayed
  • New Donor entry
  • Librarians can post messages to members in any department. They can view these messages in their own account
  • Librarians can upload Question banks for students. Students can download these question papers from their account
  • Online/Offline read options are available
  • Teachers can upload video lectures online and students can access it from their account. Students and staffs can view or download e-books, videos, audios
  • Video lectures: students can learn anywhere from their mobile devices: laptops, tablets or smartphones
  • It will provide the students with the added advantage of going into a deeper level about a particular topic
  • Freedom to collect materials, storage of Audio and Video information's, availability of question banks
  • Go online provision which allows the user to get all the relevant url’s from one location which enables efficient utilization of time
  • Fee payment and receipts generation
  • Members are provided with a login name and password using which they can access the library catalogue from any remote location through the internet
  • Members can search for different media, journal and magazines by using media type, title, author, publisher, subject/category or keywords
  • Members can check their reservation status and book bibliography
  • Members can rate books and renew books online
  • In-built DDC (Dewey Decimal Classification System)
  • Library/Institution name, address and logo can be added
  • Create different department at the institute
  • It handles book member registration, detailed searches and report generation is various formats
  • Material Reservation by priority
  • Search for a member in the library
  • Magazine or journal entry
  • Change the user password from time to time
  • Lending materials to patrons and receiving them back
  • New arrivals of the media (within 30 days) added recently to the library catalogue
  • Reserve a media in advance by a member through their account
  • Different types of users and their fees and privileges are also can be added
  • Reader category from Student/Staff/Common
  • Enter Number of Media i.e. the no of items of media the reader type is allowed to borrow
  • Days allowed i.e. the no of days the user is allowed to keep the media he/she borrowed
  • Enter Registration Period i.e. the length of time the membership is valid
  • Enter Priority i.e. the order in which the user will be allotted reserved items
  • Choose if reader type is allowed to borrow reference books
  • Enter new media categories and its type to the library
  • Arrange the books/media in different shelfs and its corresponding racks based on the subject and its alphabetical order in the library
  • Enter all details regarding a book under various categories
  • If Barcode exists, then enter the Bar Code No for each copy of media
  • Add a new author, publisher, supplier to the library database
  • Librarians can keep track of all the library circulations issue, reservation, return, and renewal
  • Issue media to the members of the library by entering the Member barcode and the media barcode. It will automatically display the media issued to selected member
  • Media Reservation used to record a media that was issued being returned to the library
  • Record the fees collected and dues of the members
  • Damage and missing book report
  • Generate comprehensive reports
  • Media creation management
  • Media supplement entry supervision
  • Error free and transparent library transactions


  • Book Bibliography - Order by barcode/book
  • Reader type reports
  • Member reports
  • Category reports
  • Media reports
  • Supplier reports
  • Author reports
  • Publisher reports
  • Department wise media reports
  • Shelf -Rack report
  • Issue Report (Date wise) - Media wise, Member wise, Category wise, Reader type wise
  • Returned Report (Date wise) - Media wise, Member wise
  • Expected Return Report (Date wise) - Media wise, Member wise
  • Reservation reports – Date wise, Media wise, Member wise
  • Book details reports - Order by barcode/book
  • Lost or Damage Reports – Member wise, Date wise
  • Fee Report - Media wise, Member wise
  • Pending Fee Report – Member wise
  • Returned reports: Status wise, Member wise, Media wise
  • Expected Return reports: Reader type wise, Member wise, Media wise
  • Paid Fee Receipt Printing
  • Journal/Magazine report – Date wise
  • Appraiser report
  • Reference Book report

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