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Oréll Campus, is the extremely user-friendly app that as a parent you can easily download on to your mobile smartphone. It which enables you to track your child's progress at school, literally at your fingertips 24/7. Built-in with emerging innovations to map educational advances of school-going children, it is indeed a boon to keep track of your child’s learning and development. Regardless of your child's grade level, whether in kindergarten or completing college, the best way to keep an eagle-eye on their education progress and well-being is with Oréll Campus. You can rest assured that as a parent you are on top of your ward's education and that you are in constant communication with his or her teachers in real-time. Plus, it is easily accessible from anywhere at any time.


  • Access library details, time table, and syllabus
  • View Exam time tables
  • View the events created by teachers
  • The entire school calendar is available
  • Homework information is available
  • Students, Parents can download - Homework, Activities, Projects etc
  • Detect School Bus Speeds and route deviations
  • Observe How Much Time is spent for each Stop
  • Get Warning Regarding Traffic Jams, School Bus Break Down and Natural Hazards
  • Helps to Know School Bus Location
  • Complete profile of the student including photo, parent details, class teacher details, address and emergency contact number
  • They can check day-to-day attendance/Monthly attendance/Yearly attendance
  • All the Subject teachers and Class teachers with contact details are reflected on this portal
  • Allows attaching pdf and jpg files with each message
  • Parents get to know about the daily activities of the child. Progress can be easily monitored
  • Parents can view their child’s assessment report
  • Can view academic year wise fee structure of child
  • Track fees schedule and fees paid
  • Parents can remit online fee from their payment gateway portal
  • Get system notifications for upcoming installments and pending installments for all fees to be paid
  • Parents can view payment receipts and fee receipts for the previous sessions
  • See all due fees on the app, get fees due reminders and pay using credit/debit card, net-banking directly from the app
  • Parents can access the school website without typing or remembering the website address
  • Parents are able to Know about the Traveling Details of Children at any Time
  • Parents and guardians to have access to all information pertaining to their wards
  • Daily homework given by subject teacher is just a click away on your mobile with due date, description and download option
  • Student’s details regarding admission details, real time reports
  • Get information about subjects & teachers, daily class time-table and learning content with attachments as shared by the teachers
  • View the assignments, circulars, etc
  • Get real-time attendance notifications from the school for your ward
  • Get exam schedules, automated reminders before exams, published results with analytics and more on your smart phone app
  • They can Grant leave online for their ward in case of emergency with attachments from the app
  • This portal helps parent to closely monitor their children’s performance
  • Performance analysis reports are readily available for students and parents in your school app
  • Reports containing individual exam based marks, averages, totals, weighted averages and consolidated results for the school, exportable to excel
  • View subject wise mark sheet
  • Can view Formative and Summative Assessment results
  • View School Bus pick-up and drop routes, live school bus location and get RFID attendance notifications for your ward
  • They can also see the upcoming events and news of the school
  • They can check daily homework/activity/project of their ward
  • They can pay online fee through this portal and view their fee receipt after paying the fees to this portal
  • Know Whether the Child Reached their Home or School
  • View Vehicle Staff details
  • View Bus fee paid and due details

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