EXAM - Online Examination System and Assessment

EXAM module is a 100% cloud-based and interactive platform that is scalable, easy to manage, administer and work on. Tests can be assigned from anywhere and accessed by students from anywhere Tests can be done simultaneously or individually and results viewed in encrypted formats, preventing unauthorized access. EXAM tracks your institution's student testing and evaluation efforts quickly and efficiently, eliminating paper trails.


  • Reuse of resources
  • Reduction in time effort paper work and human errors during evaluation, with the assessment of answers still being done manually
  • Online Examination System helps the faculties to create their own test based on the subject
  • Online Examination System also helps the instruction to perform online quiz, test paper such that the academic performance of the students can be increased and can take the feedback from both students and parents
  • Online objective type test will be customized such system will have automated checking of answers based on the user interaction
  • Random generation of test question timed exams
  • Question can have image or diagram or graphics to be displayed as part of the question
  • Upload reference audio along with questions. Audio based questions are essential to test listening ability of the candidates
  • Upload question bank in large size using Excel file in one go
  • Manage your Question bank with hierarchy of Subjects, Topics (chapters), and sub-topics
  • Create, assign and publish exams for selected class of students
  • Instant results on exam completion
  • No restriction that examiner has to be present when the student takes the test
  • Fault tolerant, secure and scalable examination system
  • Shuffling of questions and the options for better practice
  • Countdown timer to provide accurate start and end time
  • Reduces manual work, maintains accuracy and saves time
  • Simplest-to-use & most user friendly interface
  • Easy-to-adopt & affordable customization
  • The performance of the Student can be easily checked
  • It can be used anywhere any time as it is a web based application
  • Built-in Question management, categorized as subjects, topics and difficulty level
  • Performance analysis and Result reporting system
  • Scorecard generation
  • No effect of internet connection lost
  • Messaging system for latest updates and alerts
  • Question can be tagged with difficulty level Low, Medium, High, Very High etc to group questions according to difficulty level. Such tagging helps while defining examination pattern of online assessment
  • Multi Language Support facility to enter question in multiple languages
  • Group Ranking
  • Group wise performance chart
  • Result and Pass certificate in PDF
  • Examiner can define question types like Fill in the Blanks, Conceptual Question etc


  • Print question papers
  • Generate certificates
  • Print reports
  • Print Student lists
  • Print scorecards

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