Oréll College ERP Software

The all-integrated College ERP System

All-inclusive world-class ERP Suite ideally designed to amplify the performances of educational institutions in satisfying constantly surfacing technological and administrative requirements.

  • In depth Cloud Edition
  • Incorporated with e-Learning and online exam
  • Interactional Mobile app for Students/Parents/Teachers

Oréll - The Global Leader of Technologically Backed Education

Oréll College ERP Software, College Automation ERP solution with advanced cloud based technology is powered by Oréll, the trailblazers in delivering ahead-of-the-time technology to the education sector for more than 2 decades.

Employed by 5,000+ Clients

OBagging over 5,000 institutes as loyal clients across 50-plus countries, Oréll’s AI-powered world-class platforms such as the College ERP System, LMS, eLibrary, Online exam, Language Lab, and et cetera, benefitting over 10 million users worldwide.

24/7 Customer Support

Our Customer Relationship Management Center is manned by an round-the-clock team, offering services beyond support. Contact us here 24/7 for onsite/online installation and/or troubleshooting services as well as user training.

College Administration refined and reinvented

What this avant-garde software offers is efficiency, customizations, and fingertip controls in all operational aspects of institutional management – cost-effectively.

Core Essential Modules

Oréll College ERP is a versatile and full-service ERP suite designed to serve as an integrated and centralized administrative platform that unifies services, administrative management, and reporting to increase the operational efficacy of educational institutions.

Student Management System

  • Student List
  • Data Updation
  • Promotion
  • ID Card
  • Certificates
  • Health

Staff Management System

  • Staff List
  • Staff Management
  • Data Updation
  • ID Card
  • Certificates
  • Reports

Parent Interface/Portal

  • Parent Login
  • Online Fee Payment
  • Notifications
  • Exam Reports
  • Communications
  • Student related reports

Student Interface/Portal

  • Homework
  • Handbook
  • Dairy
  • Notifications
  • Exam
  • Events

Staff Interface/Portal

  • Assignments
  • Teaching Plan
  • Exam Creation
  • Communication
  • Attendance

Administrator Interface

  • General Settings
  • User Roles
  • Hierarchy
  • Language Management
  • Staff Management

Communication Management

  • SMS
  • WhatsApp
  • Email
  • Mobile App Notification

The Best Mobile Apps for Campus Management

A fully trustworthy Android and iOS Mobile App that effectively addresses the rising challenges faced by managements, parents, teachers and students. Parents can closely observe and control the deeds of their wards with ease, while providing real-time interaction with the college at all times.


Stabilize and manage all campus-related administrative procedures trouble-free.


Has super-admin privileges and can monitor and access all data for the entire college.


Enables parents to access all information pertaining to their wards.


Permits fluid student-access to all academic data in a smooth and systematic manner.


The management can monitor all user activities at any time and even encourage usage.


Access complete student profiles with privileges to enter assignments, academic scores, attendance etc.

Add-on Modules

In addition to the Core Essential Modules, Oréll Campus' flexibility permits multiple add-on modules to meet any added future needs as when they arise.

Online Admission

Attendance Management

Time Table Management

Fee Management/Online Fee Payment

Examination Management/Assessment & Report Card

Classroom Management (eLearning/LMS)

Front Office Management

Payroll Management

Financial Accounting

Inventory Management

Staff Evaluation

Portal for Management/Head of the Institution

Library Management

Transport Management

Hostel Management

Grievance Redressal System

Alumni Management

Why Oréll College ERP?

College ERP software gets done the essential processes at educational institutions, reducing waste, saving time, attracting top professionals, and helping institutions to be always better organized and agile. Digitizing forms and workflows make campuses practically paperless, while conserving the environment. It directly accelerates institutional communication, cross-campus collaboration, and internal processes, benefiting the management, teachers, staff, students and even parents, helping them stay updated.


College ERP Software guarantees instant handiness to administrative data of all type related to your campus, always at your fingertips. It automates campus administration, improving the overall efficiency of your institution, eliminatinghuman error, lending concrete data integrity. Electronic processing of data makes sure that data entering is quick and up-to-date at all times. Databases are accessible round the clock – both online and offline.


College ERP Software brings super efficiency across the board for institutions, helping managements, teachers, students and parents interact more effectively and avoid the mix-ups that pop up with the daily struggles of running institutions both large and small, with all pieces in place. Oréll’s College ERP software integrated management system includes data on staff, materials, budgeting for faculty, including strategic management activities, helping institutions remain focused on accomplishing their goals.

College ERP Software - Benefits

College ERP software lets users store, modify, and collect of information, quickly and efficiently using pull-down menus. Its features are designed so precisely in order to serve many significant facets of campus management. It is not heavy on the pocket; it is user friendly, versatile, intuitive and fully personalized for your use. Enabling seamless data integration, segregation, and centralized control of administrative activities, is a fantastic approach that empowers campuses and at the same time is a boon for users.

Comprehensive Cloud Computing ERP

A campus-wide strategic ERP solution to intuitively manage institutions, including student management, human resources, financials, and more.

This module manages the entire student admissions and enrollment process, from processing applications online to handling all admission chores, flawlessly. Integrated with student information systems,it streamlines the sharing of gathered student data with other tools used during their tenure, on-campus. It has built-in student application processing functionality, scheduling, and real-time application progress tracking tools, and seamlessly collect application-related fees, as well.

PAY is a stand-alone, power packedcampus fee management module that ensures trouble-free,100% safe and securepayment collection and receipt issue.Simplifying error-prone manual fee administration processes, it highlights defaulters, excess credits and is even customizable to your exact requirements. PAY sends automatic e-reminders and when integrated with accounting systems, maintains foolproof collection details as well as generatesreal-time summaries, instantly.

SIS is a versatile student information module, which is designed for today's ever-evolving learning environment. Offering key flexibility, interoperability, and ease-of-use to help meet current hybrid education needs, it enables you to run your college smoothly and with greater efficiency. Secure, customizable and compliant, SIS helps you manage the complete life cycle of students, including attendances and schedules, with peace of mind.

WIS is a staff management module designed and deployed to address every aspect of human resource planning and execution, for campuses. Keeping track of available vacancies, it enables online applications and candidate short-listing, apart from of course, payroll, leave, and sundry. WIS streamlines processes, helping rein in costs, improve productivity, while maximizing budgets, all of which are critical to managing the workforce.

SCHEDULER automates the process of assigning courses, classrooms, and students to instructors at educational institutions. It enables the setting up time of slots for classes and creates an optimal schedule for each course, based on student needs and available resources. It makes the process of scheduling courses and timetables faster and more efficient, especially at institutions with thousands of students and staff.

ATTENDANCE module is a cloud solution automating attendance processeswith a tracking software, which makes it error-free and efficient. Attendance policies are often connected with the grading system or ability to sit for exams. Manual tracking on an hourly basis is tiresome and prone to inefficiencies. ATTENDANCE calculates annual/ semester average attendance for each course, recording data accurately and generates customized reports.

CLASSROOM module is custom-designed to give teachers a lot more flexibility in managing everything from the layout of their classroom to documenting, tracking, and reporting disciplinary incidents in a secure, intuitive, and cost-effective manner. CLASSROOM helps in personalization of the learning experience for students, enabling teachers to impart knowledge in an individualized teaching style perhaps most effective to their way of teaching.

ASSESSMENT is a cloud-based, three-in-one software module that in a nutshell, helps teachers conduct examinations more efficiently, grade papers better and generate accurate report cards of student-wise performances.Convenience and ease-of-use are two of the most important factors that makes the ASSESSMENT module invaluable for institutions. Offering flexibility of deployment, 100% secure and administer from anywhere, you can even conduct online evaluations.

FRONT DESK is the administration module, which automates all of the processes involved in the running of the front office at an institution of learning. It assists executives organize contacts, schedule appointments, track and/or manage visitors, create and issue gate passes, while assisting walk-in guests. Recording all calls, incoming and outgoing, it affords a clutter-free, well-organized experience at the reception for everyone.

CONNECT module is a stand-alone communications solution that helps campuses send instant one-way mass SMS alerts to cellphones in its database, instantly.Very useful not only in emergencies but also when updating parents on real-time performances of their wards, including absence from classrooms, CONNECT enables in-private chat communication between parents and teachers as well, making it an absolutely useful tool for campuses.

SmartLib module helps campus librarians with a desktop-based interface to better administer all processes involved in managing the library, efficiently. Integrated with OPACs, it helps users pinpoint the exact location of a particular resource and access it instantly, making SmartLib an invaluable tool and asset for all users and every institution. It also provides access to library e-resources, including newspapers and podcasts.

PAYROLL WIZARD is a comprehensive module that automates the process of disbursing salaries for the workforce of an institution. This payroll software ensures that all employees are paid accurately and on time, with the right bonuses and deductions. Customizable to institutional needs, it quickly generates salary statements, and pay slips as well as optional linkage of loans and advances with transport charges.

INVENTORY MASTER is a stand-alone module that streamlines your campus inventory efficiently. Effectively managing inventory and supply levels at campus stores, it integrates purchase management, sales management, stock transfer management and much more. It determines stock levels, adding new batches to existing ones and the flexibility of its design makes it easy-to-use and track inventories accurately at anytime from anywhere, in real-time.

ACCOUNTING PRO is a full-service module that accurately automates all accounting processes at an institution. Tracking every financial aspect 24/7, including cash flow, inventory control, accounts payable and receivable, it keeps an eagle-eyed vigil on your accounting needs, optimizing resources and driving operational success, while helping you turn data into actionable intelligence to keep your institution on track with your strategic plan.

HOSTEL SUPERVISOR is a competent, intuitive, and cloud-based module for administering the processes and facilities for residential students at campus hostels. Simplifying cumbersome procedures it enables wardens have any and every information regarding the hostel at his/her fingertips, in real-time. It even generates automatic e-alerts to parents/guardians on ward's attendance and outstanding dues if any as well as maintains scrupulous inventory control.

RITEONLINE module is a 100% cloud-based and interactive platform that is scalable, easy to manage, administer and work on. Tests can be assigned from anywhere and accessed by students from anywhere Tests can be done simultaneously or individually and results viewed in encrypted formats, preventing unauthorized access. RITEONLINE tracks your institution's student testing and evaluation efforts quickly and efficiently, eliminating paper trails.

WORKFORCE MONITOR is a comprehensive staff evaluation module that enables precise and efficient workforce monitoring, eliminating all inherent inconsistencies in manual evaluation processes. Appraising skills for formal certification and/or informal support and improvement, it generates integrated performance reports that go a long way in improving the overall quality of the institution and weed out "bad apples," while of course motivating good performances.

ALUMNI HUNTis a social networking portal linked to your institutional webpage that enables alumni interaction. Users can create different groups, add members to groups, post messages, plan events and meetings and view campus news. It works as a powerful search tool with flexible search functionality and a robust user-interface that can be accessed with username and a password, after initial signup.

EDUGRIEVANCE is a cost-effective grievance redressal solution to streamline the processes of grievance handling and redressal at institutions. It seamlessly makes the entire process of posting complaints and addressing those 100% foolproof and trackable, even for statutory bodies. Hosted on the cloud and linked to your website, it allows authorized users post grievances instantly to the relevant authority and/or department for redressal.

CONVEYANCE TRACKER is a stand-alone module that automates transportation requirements at institutions, efficiently. It does route designing as well as calculates trip details like distances run, expenses incurred, fare settings, and etcetera. By tracking and monitoring vehicle insurances, accident records and service records, it ensures that vehicles and drivers are always ready and competent to transport passengers safely, securely and on time. would be valuable for our clients before making a suggestion, and we look for opportunities to deliver above and beyond client expectations.

Parent Portal

It’s a parent’s accountability to observe their child's educational advances in colleges no matter your child just entered the course or is in his or her final year at college. It will take much more than signing report cards and showing up for meetings. Parents who lead busy lives find it difficult to have a balance between jobs, tasks, and a variety of other duties and visits to their child's institution frequently to speak with their teachers to keep track of their child's progress. This can be quite cumbersome in this day and age. The Parent Portal of the Oréll College ERP software has links to integrated trackers that summarize your child’s progress based on his or her actual engagement. This helps them always stay up-to-date on their child's performances at college. The portal helps management and teachers information pertinent to their child quickly and efficiently.

Portal For Staff

The college ERP portal for staff/teachers betters involvement of teachers in everyday activities of their students. Its neoteric framework and innovative interface save plenty of time and effort and provide improved perspective into student results, attendance, and much more. It saves teachers time while providing the control and flexibility to allow them to teach and grade the way they choose. It is interwoven with communication tools that induce interactions between faculty and students, and built-in parent and student portals help keep families up-to-date and more connected. It is impressive when one realizes the amount of time and effort that are lessened to see more results virtually than parents visiting the college and talking to teachers about the performance of their sons and daughters in person

Portal For Principal

It is the portal that has almost all rights that admin portal has. The College ERP Portal for the Principal when securely logged in can monitor and control every aspect of the management system. The principal can view all user accounts and all activities associated with it. As a principal rightly should when its needed, the portal allows the user to send emergency notifications to staff, parents and students via text or voice message, and publish non-emergency announcements via email. Through this portal, the principal can browse class schedules, homework assigned class-wise and even student-wise. This portal can access teacher engagements, new admissions, class strength, and extracurricular activities if any and can even monitor bus routes. Anything and everything that happens at an institution can be navigated live by the principal and give out permissions when it is required.

Portal For Administrator

The admin portal of College ERP software is the one of the strongest independent node of the entire system. Admin portal is built in a way that it can stand dominant over all the other portals including Principals. It can showcase all the roles others can. It is to protect management interests, especially in the event of any emergencies. Only the admin can remove or add rights and permits to access for all other users and one of these rights include resetting of passwords. They can easily track and share attendance data, keeping administrators, teachers and parents in the loop. The admin can even manage major academic tasks and processes, such as assessment creation and gradebooks, efficiently while monitoring class performances and share performance data with students and parents. Easily create a new timetable structure; define and edit working days, create time slots and set the duration of each teaching period.

Portal For Management

The management portal of College ERP software is also almost as powerful as that of the admin but of course with certain limitations taking into account the safety and security factors. It provides instant updates on every activity, offering in-depth insights of all the goings on at every level of the institution. It provides an overview of the latest incoming and outgoing payments; and respective due dates, with links to teachers’ and students’ profiles that help them find out more details, with a few clicks. They can view and print students’ payments, filter students with outstanding payments and even teachers notify them in time. They can allow parents, guardians and students to take care of their tuition fees through the payment gateway of their preference, for maximum convenience while managing all institution-related data, in the best possible way.

Mobile app for Parents

Schoop, is the extremely user-friendly app that as a parent you can easily download on to your mobile smartphone. It enables you to track your child's progress at college, literally at your fingertips 24/7. Built-in with emerging innovations to map educational advances of campus-going young adults, it is indeed a boon to keep track of your child’s learning and development. Regardless of your child's grade level, whether in kindergarten or completing college, the best way to keep an eagle-eye on their education progress and well-being is with Schoop. You can rest assured that as a parent you are on top of your ward's education and that you are in constant communication with his or her teachers in real-time. Plus, it is easily accessible from anywhere at any time.

Mobile app for Students

Schoop is the very user-friendly and fun app that students can quickly download on to their smartphones and use with ease. It gives them access to their personalized dashboards, allowing them to view their class schedule, their attendance data and other important information regarding their studies. A compact summary of upcoming lessons and the latest attendance data, along with a brief description of their fees and payments, helps them stay updated. Students can filter their attendance data for a specific date range and see details, such as the number of excused or unexcused absences and more. They get an overview of their progress, as they can view grades and comments. They can view the list of their classmates and assigned teachers and also view and edit basic personal information, such as address and contact details. It provides communication channels between students and teachers, motivating students’ progress and improving college-life.

Mobile App for Teachers

Schoop for teachers is the app that helps teachers stay up-to-date on the classes, lessons and students. Providing instant access to their user profiles as well, it also helps them efficiently manage their classes, students and school-related tasks and processes, such as gradebooks and assessments. They can get a quick update regarding the day's teaching sessions, a summary of the latest attendance data — when they need to quickly notify parents — and a short overview of their latest payments. Apart from that, teachers can work on tasks related to teaching subjects assigned to them; and may also access the profiles of students enrolled in these subjects.

Mobile App for Principal

Schoop for principals helps them quickly manage major academic tasks and processes, such as assessment creation and gradebooks, efficiently. They can even monitor class performance and share performance data with students and parents, all with a couple of swipes on their mobile phone at any time and place of their choosing. They can make performance tracking more efficient while supporting administrators’ and teachers’ productivity. They can also make the assessment process less distracting, with easy-to-create student evaluation notes. It helps principals have all the information they need gathered together in one place. No more time wasted retrieving performance-related information and so principals can be ever-prepared for a parents briefing at an instant's notice, if necessary. Plus, principals can easily assign teachers to classes and subjects, track payments and manage all related tasks with efficiency.

Mobile App for Admin

Schoop for the admin is perhaps the most powerful application with superseding rights over all users. Every aspect of administration can be effectively controlled and supervised by the admin. Admin can control user access to privileges and rights for all users. This quick and easy-to-access app is very useful for the admin as it can be accessed from anywhere at any time and changes can be made instantly with a couple of swipes on the smartphone. It minimizes risk in resources management and is specifically designed to help institutions achieve maximum security efficaciously. Reports on all aspects of this ERP can be generated class-wise, student-wise, staff/teacher-wise and all aspects of transportation can be managed and monitored in real-time.

Mobile app for Management

Schoop exclusively for the institution management is a particularly unique feature of the Schooberry suite. Managements of especially large institutions often are in the dark and far removed from the everyday happenings at their institutions and are many a times the last ones to hear about issues and that too from their own staff members or the principal. The super-privileged and 100% secure access by the management to this app 24/7 enables them to always stay updated on all that is going on in every aspect of institutional administration, its teachers, students, most importantly financial oversight, which of course is of paramount interest for managements at all times. It is a versatile and all-encompassing smart system that increases productivity and will satisfy the needs of all stakeholders including teachers, students and their guardians included.

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