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Another client from the capital city! - Indrapuri Institute for Management Studies Trivandrum accommodates Oréll eDo (e-Learning Software) & Schooberry (Campus ERP System)

We are taking another leap of success with our latest purchase or OrelleDo. It is Indrapuri Institute Trivandrum Oréll eDo (e-Learning Software) & Schooberry (Campus ERP System one of the most illustrious institutions in the state which undoubtedly a haven for aspirants of Management Studies. We appreciate the authority’s wise decision to go for the combination of two our most coveted software- Orell eDo eLearning and Schooberry ERP software. It caters to the requirements of eLearning Virtual Live class and seamless campus management automation.
When the institute was founded the authority primarily aimed to to fulfill the dreams of young aspirants who were keen in particular professions like Aviation, Hospitality & Hotel Management, Logistics and various degree programs etc. and had no means to pursue a career in it. It envisions becoming the leading provider of quality education with professionally and academically oriented courses in order to have a profound impact on the way students could secure admission to universities and also gain employment without difficulties.
By choosing to install Oréll eDo Smart Version integrated with Live Class as their e-Learning platform Indrapuri is opening doors to many possibilities in school administrative tasks and virtual class conducting. eDo aims to assist teachers to conduct online live classes and online exams. Teachers can create their own music related lessons using our state-of-the-art Course Planner & Lesson Composer. The LIVE Virtual Class helps conduct music classes both theory & Practicals with Whiteboard, Chat, File sharing options and much more.