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Oréll Schooberry GR System Installed at CSI College of Engineering, Nilgiris

Oréll is happy to report on the installation of Schooberry GR software at CSI College of Engineering, Nilgris, Tamil Nadu. Oréll Schooberry Campus Management Software is a all-inclusive, fully integrated, suite of 24 ERP modules that automate the entire campus management activities from admission, fee administration, examination, alumni and beyond. Schooberry Suite comes with a carefully architected and enhanced front end. It automates the campus management processes thereby improving business workflows within the campus, reduces training times, increases speed and accuracy, and minimizes costs. Schooberry simplifies administrative tasks, academic management and financial operations of a school. Schooberry ERP Solution is all-inclusive enough to give the campus management a bird’s eye view of all the activities happening in the school, in real-time. The CSI College of Engineering (CSICE) is a self-financing institution, offering degree level courses in different disciplines of Engineering Sciences. This college was founded by the Church of South India, Coimbatore Diocesan Council which is pioneer in running Educational Institutions, from pre-primary to post matriculation and post-graduate levels, all known for their academics standards and discipline.