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Oréll Talk Installed @ University of Algiers (Algeria)

This is a matter of great pride and achievement for Orell. Our team is exhilarated to let you know that University of Algiers has installed OrellTalk is the most talked about Digital Language Lab available these days. We are honoured to be tying up with University of Algiers which was established in 1909 under the French colonial rule and is organized into seven faculties. It was home to renowned philosophers and thinkers like Albert Camus and much more. It is the Corporate Version of OrellTalk that has been installed at the University. It is more overjoying knowing that it is the first of that kind in Algeria.
It is Timerconseil that helped up place our software at this international university. OrellTalk has it working principles based on ICT. We are aiming to spread our efficiency to over 10,000 of learners all throughout the year. The comprehensive lessons and learning tools are exceptional support to develop an exalted level of communication skills. The use of Oréll Talk will bring a lot of changes in the users, who would find it very beneficial and would be more confident hereafter while speaking English and other selected languages.