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Orell Schooberry Installed at Bridging Gaps of School Management at Bridging Gaps, Nigeria!

This is a month of some of the great deals. On this issue, we’d like to share that our magnum opus software Orell Schooberry School Management System has won the hearts of one more International institute- Bridging Gaps of School Management at Bridging Gaps, Nigeria.
As the name suggests, Bridging Gap School was established with some great visions, some of which dealt with ideas that aid innovative ideas to skyrocket the educational standard and results to the highest. The students passed out from here are often enrolled in the greatest colleges and institutions in the country for their systematic discipline and academic excellence. The school has placed the order of 12 modules. Orell will be appropriating the cloud based platform within 7 days. BGS has scrutinised the demos of many platforms and finally they have decided to implement Schooberry, a world-class School ERP combined with LMS from Orell.
The world class Orell Soft- eLearning integrated School Management Software- Schoobery. The Schooberry ERP & LMS implementation at Bridging Gaps School, Nigeria by our team and the software is purchased in order to make drastic developments in the internal framework and administration management of the entire campus.
Orell Schooberry has incorporated in it a number of modules that capacitate a fool-proof School Management System a powerful school management system. The modules include online fee payment, biometric attendance system, automated time table, exam management system, front office management system, parent-teacher communication modules, portals/interfaces for parents, principal, teachers etc.
Schooberry LMS enables tutors to teach, assess and make lessons through online live classes and online exams. Teachers are endowed with tools such as Course Planner & Lesson Composer that help them create their own multi-media lessons. The LIVE Virtual Class aims to conduct classes with Whiteboard, Chat, File sharing options and much more.