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St.Anthonys College continues with OrellTalk Digital Language Lab

The latest update we have is a proof that OrellTalk is actively utilized even in the times of Covid19 pandemic. We are thrilled to have the opportunity to provide software solutions for one of the most esteemed institutions belonging to the north eastern states of India. The esteemed college of St. Antony’s has yet again teamed up with Orell Technosystems regarding the renewal of OrellTalk Digital Language Lab. Renewal of OrellTalk Digital Language Lab for this college is true testament to its efficiency.

 St.Anthonys College was founded in 1934 in Shilllong, Meghalaya. It is the first ever University College worldwide that was built in the command of the Don Bosco Society, established in 1934. The college is affiliated to North Eastern Hill University and is re-accredited by NAAC with Grade "A" - Cycle:3. The college was recognized by UGC as a College with Potential for Excellence. Apart from that, the college is renowned as the institutional Bio-Tech hub by DBT,Indiax

We are so excited to work along with an institute that pay heed to academic and extracurricular enhancement of students. The institute has bagged 1 teacher and 36 student consoles and come in smart version.

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