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iTell- the most preferred Language Lab by Indian Defence

It’s really happy to report that iTell, the state-of-the-art language laboratory is the most sought after language lab system by the Indian Defence. So far, Orell has complemented more than sixty digital language lab implementations at the Indian Army and Naval Base across the different states in India. The proven-track record of Oréll in the education software industry along with its commitment and flawless services make iTell multi-language learning software the most preferred by Indian Defence to nurture language proficiency of the trainees from different states of the country.

Oréll language laboratory is a unique solution facilitating the all round language skill (LSRW) development of the student using the latest technology while maintaining the human resource (teacher) that matters most in teaching. The training methodology focuses on the natural learning approach with emphasis on listening and speaking and progressively towards reading and writing, for the practical use of English in real-world situations. Our major clients from the Indian Defence include: