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Privacy Policy

App is developed by Orell Technosystems headquartered in Kakkanad, India

Information for users Installing this app

  • Collecting personal data is a fundamental requirement in the trouble-free functioning of this app
  • Some data we collect constitute statistics and some are personal in nature, (student’s information like class, age, email id etc.)
  • The information necessary is acquired (with absolute consent) from the basic constituents of the educational institution as we aim colleges and schools our primary purchasers
  • Data collected from students, teachers, head of the institution, either numeric or personal information are secured and it will not be shared with a third party under any circumstance
  • Rights of the users-
    Users may request to see the info they had previously entered the system
    Users may rectify, change, delete or alter the data they had provided if necessary
    Users will be kept up to date with the privacy policy and app updates
  • The privacy policy will be effective all during the a financial year
  • The company shall not be accountable for the falsified data entry and thereby the erroneous outcome the system may provide
  • The data users enter will be processed, analyzed and distributed in the system only as long as the institutions renew our product
  • The users are requested to cooperate with the data collection as it helps to improve the customer service and personalize the experience

Privacy policy was last updated on 10-06-2021

Privacy policy

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