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Managing fees effectively and digitally has become a necessity of every educational organisation. Having a mediocre solution can result in a lot of problems at custom settings, reports or management level. Every educational organization needs a robust and effective fee and finance management system in today’s time.

Having a mediocre solution may result in ineffective operations, loss of time and sometimes financial losses. Quality solution doesn’t only provide convenience but helps improve profitability and financial data accuracy. A school or a college has only one major source of income that’s fees. If management of fees is done effectively then it can provide convenience of efficient operations. There are many cases where ineffective financial management creates a lot of operational issues in an educational organization.

Oréll’s avant-garde Fee Management System –Pay- is a ground-breaking software that singlehandedly controls money matters of institutions fluently. Monetary affairs are key to any organization. Likely school and college ERP Software need fee collection systems to control important functions of account and finance department. Handling this important work requires very well fees management software for school and college. Pay, Oréll Campus Automation System’s Fee Management module is a smart fee management solution with options for common and individual fee settings that can track the records of your students’ past, future and current fee billing /payment collection receipts.

Oréll School Fee Management Software - A dynamic Fee Management Tool for your Institute

Fees Management System for Educational Institutes

A very important aspect in the present day scenario at institutes is managing Fee details of students. This involves work flow from the academic section and the institute administration or finance department.

Nowadays education has become a valuable resource and parents are investing heavily in it to secure their child’s future. So institutes have provided numerous ways for parents to pay fees and we provide a facility for the institute to manage such payments in the best possible way. Oréll Fee Management System provides a solution to manage dynamic number of fee categories in a convenient manner.

Advance fee collection, fee cancellation and refunding options are also provided in the software. The options to collect fees based on student-wise, class-wise or school wise/college wise is available with this fee management module. The entire process of fee remitting and acceptance is conducted within a hassle-free mechanism. Unlike traditional ways of fee remittance, Oréll School Fee Management System performs the above mentioned tasks without any delay and discrepancy.


  • Assign Individual Class-wise/School- wise Fee Assignments.
  • Fine criteria settings.
  • Individual fine settings.
  • Fee payment by cheque/cash/draft/net banking & credit card.
  • Fee Alerts/ reminders can be sent to students/parents.
  • Donation fee can be paid.
  • Late fee generation if any.
  • Refundable fee management.
  • Advance fee remittance option.
  • Fee Cancellation option.
  • Facilities to reprint duplicate Receipt.
  • Online fee payment facility.
  • Fee receipt printing facility.
  • Fee concession facility.
  • Pay type settings (Tuition & Bus fee, bus fee (border), activity fee, bus security deposit and annual admission fee).
  • Fee structure generation.
  • Generation of Fixed amount.
  • Student’s ledger- period wise & item wise.
  • Estimate of the fees at starting of the academic year.
  • Abstract of Fixed fees & other accounts.
  • Installment/annual/multiple installment collection.
  • Fee collection in multiple banks/ branches.
  • Daily collection summary/details.
  • Fee default’s summary/details.
  • Excess amount refunding facility.
  • Excess amount transfer facility - head wise.
  • Cheque-bounce entry and details.
  • Monthly collection statement.
  • Fee comprehensive statement.
  • Fee reconciliation statement.
  • Scholarship settings.
  • Fee deduction from Scholarship.
  • Fee adjustment facility from one head to another.
  • Loss due to T.C. issued.
  • Gain due to new admission.
  • Intimation letter for fee defaulters
  • Fees pack date facility.
  • Fee Fine levy & reminder.


  • Class/Course fee structure - Academic year wise
  • Student dues List
  • Student fee collection report
  • Class Wise fee collection report
  • Fee collected from advance
  • Daily DD collection report
  • Student fee refund report
  • Total dues report
  • Class Wise dues report
  • Class Wise fee cancelled report
  • Fee collection summary report
  • Donation fee details
  • Receipt reprint

We are thrilled to share that when it comes to fees and finance management software for educational institutions, Oréll School Fee Management Software has become the preferred choice. Today, 5000s of educational institutions are fully relying on the Oréll School Fee Management Software to manage their financial data and records effectively.

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