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A Comprehensive Language Learning and Communication System, Communication Skills Lab – is the most sought-after Educational Technology Platform on a global scale. It is powered by Oréll, a prominent IT solutions headquartered in Kochi, Kerala, focusing on fine-tuned software that conforms to the demands and requirements of esteemed clients.

Since its inception Oréll wanted to find itself at the pedestal of excellence by becoming the world-class software services company. Over a few years of collective hard work and determination Oréll has helped educational institutions to achieve their goals more effectively yet effortlessly. We have amassed over 5000+ clients globally. We have accomplished our vision through our commitment t o strategic growth, service par excellence, and active community participation.

Communication Skills Lab (Cloud-based Digital Language Lab)

For educational institutes to accomplish greater heights in English and other foreign language fluency, they need to seek tech support from trusted sources. The most important and easiest step toward achieving the goal of attaining global second language fluency at universities, schools and colleges is the implementation of Communication Skills Lab in campuses. Communication Skills Lab is able to allow ‘real time’ conversation with individual student or groups of students, often overcoming the time delay problems that can cause difficulties for students to follow the lecturing of the teacher.

Communication Skills Lab assists the teacher in accessing and assessing student performance by providing pre-recorded instructions to students, tracking the time taken by students to perform specific tasks, their course attendance and the progress they are making. The graphic and audio/video capabilities of Communication Skills Lab help to enhance learning and give the tutor the ability to evaluate an entire class performance at the tutor’s convenience. Communication Skills Lab with all its features helps the student to update their knowledge, skills and attitudes in communication. Besides, the teacher can design and create new and interesting materials for a computer added classroom with a communicative approach.

Coalition of Communication Skills Lab with brand-new technologies helps students to record and listen to themselves speaking the target language. It enables them to compare their voice with the original material. Finally they can communicate with other students in pairs or in groups via the target language.

Students feel more comfortable, less self conscious, and are relaxed to try new things in the language lab than in a classroom.Audio, video, multimedia and the internet facilities provide appropriate learning resources rather than just a support

Modular Features


Teacher interface is the Core part of the Communicative Language Lab Software and controls the entire network using a variety of tools as effortless as possible. The contents (lessons) are stored on the teacher’s interface and transferred to the student PCs, as and when necessary. The teacher can monitor, control, communicate and send assignments to any or all the students by a simple mouse click. The teacher can listen in to a student’s audio signal at any moment and without subjecting them to any pressure by standing over them, the teacher can hear how they are doing and what problems they have. The teacher can give a live lecture, make an announcement, compile lessons, add/edit existing contents/sessions/levels/lessons, initiate chat (text/audio) or create student groups or pairs and co-ordinate the group discussions. Iconic notification depicts the status of each student e.g., login, request teacher’s help, listening to audio etc. It facilitates the options for listening to the native speakers (system stereo) and the student's voice separately.

LEARNER’s Module

The students are given individual user id for logging into the ‘Learner interface’, and can access the lessons assigned by the teacher. The student can listen to the native speaker's audio segments and pronunciations and see video clippings and read the text. They can compose documents/assignments using a text editor with a built-in word processor, whilst listening to the teacher or going through the material either sent from the teacher console. Additional features are built-in dictionary, text digitizer, assignment submission option etc. Students can playback existing audio tracks, record their own voice in synchronization/sequence with it and play back the combined track, which may be repeated any number of times and saved in their respective PCs. This can then be accessed later or submitted to the teacher as assignment. Text or audio chat options are available.


A lesson Composer is nothing but a tool that allows the teacher to create lessons, exercises etc by using a simple editor with an integrated word processor. The teacher can also produce own audio, clippings and add to the contents with the help of integrated audio/video recorders. Files of multiple formats -audio/video/text may be uploaded and assigned to students. The instructor can also modify pre-loaded lessons to suit the needs of a class /individual student.


Group discussion is an inevitable part of the curriculum of any courses in modern times. Communication Skills Lab has the most advanced grouping/pairing facility. The teacher can easily create a group/pair on the console by assigning names to groups and then adding members to it by selecting the students. Teacher can monitor and speak to the group collectively and is authorized to initiate the discussion process among group members while maintaining a complete control on the students to ensure proper coordination and discipline.

Functional Features

Student Interface

  • Listen
  • Read
  • Speak
  • Write
  • Repeat
  • Record
  • Evaluate
  • Word Index
  • Request help
  • Digitize text
  • Conference
  • Attend Live Lecture

Teacher Interface

  • Student Watch
  • Lesson Allocation
  • Lesson Composer
  • Conference set up
  • Intercom
  • Announce / Broadcast
  • Keep an Ear
  • Keep an Eye
  • Live Lecture
  • Take Control

Functional Analysis

  • The teacher can monitor (keep an eye) or view the student’s screen or listen to the audio (keep an ear) without the student’s awareness
  • Student’s status notification, seating, gender etc are indicated by icons on the teacher interface
  • The teacher can assign lessons (audio/video/text content) to all or selected lessons via network file transfer
  • The learner interface enables the student to record either during recording pauses of an audio /video clip or without an initial clip; the activity may be repeated any number of times and can be submitted to the teacher
  • The teacher may conduct a live lecture , announce a message to the whole class or convey private message to a selected student, during which the teacher may freeze all other activities taking place in the learner interface.
  • The contents may be edited or modified; Level/class/lesson may be added/ edited.
  • The teacher can add (by browsing & selecting from the hard disc) or create own lessons ( lesson compos er ) using in-built text editor and audio/video recorder.
  • Students can compose assignments using an integrated word processor can also make use of in-built dictionary and use text-to speech convertor ( text digitizer ).
  • Students can go through lessons, record audio multiple times as their schedule permits and at their own pace.
  • Teachers can review students' recordings and submitted assignments at their convenience.
  • The principle of LSRW (Listen, Speak, Read, Write, in that order), based on which the lessons are composed, guarantees even a beginner to accomplish a high level of language proficiency in a systematic manner
  • Text/audio chat, grouping/pairing, request teacher’s help, etc are very simple but extremely useful tools to enrich the sessions and enhance overall efficiency.
  • Remote control ( Take control) of students’ PC is possible from the teacher’s PC-eg, close application, re-start/shut down student’s PC etc
  • It can be used as a platform to learn any language or subject

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